• No Mother Could Give More

    Medium: Acrylic on Wood

    Pacific Octopuses are known as the “best mothers on earth.” This is because the mother octopuses care for and guard the eggs from predators for a period of 6-9 months, eventually depriving themselves of all nutrients in their body. The octopus turns from a vibrant, bright red (visible in the arms of the octopus), to a plain grey (arms to the left). In the artwork, however, I made sure to depict that the color and life does not disappear; rather, it is transferred to the fetus. The fetus receives the nutrients and love of its mother through the fallopian tube and umbilical cord which creates an inseparable connection. This piece is painted on wood, which serves as a foundation of life and nature, a key component that tie the octopus and fetus together. This piece is a story of rich, maternal love.

    No Mother Could Give More
  • Sequence

    Media: Watercolor

    This piece illustrates the juxtaposition of consistency and transformation. As prevalent throughout my works, I use the pure, striking image of a goldfish. Initiated in the upper right hand corner of the artwork, the goldfish undergoes four stages in a counter-clockwise pattern, transforming into a beautiful woman. Challenging the typically accepted perception of chronology and progress, the creature starts to evolve. It begins growing hair, arms, legs, and ultimately an entire torso. Such warping also serves to highlight the flexibility in contrast to the permanent beauty of the new creation. This piece questions change in contrast to sameness as the figures maintain a common, flexible gesture and body contortion.

  • Moving Stillness

    Medium: Graphite

    This piece morphs a goldfish with a bicycle, representing the idea that one cannot move forward if he or she constantly looks back and remains stubborn in their ways or beliefs. Though I drew the back tire to appear as though it could be moving, the direction of the front tire indicates that the bike is actually parked. The front tire has also been intentionally positioned to give the composition a lack of depth, representing the lack of progress in relation to distance traveled.

    Moving Stillness

2D Artwork

Art is how people share their gifts and passions with the world. For me, I use art to share my ability to depict the various facets of life.

I often use goldfish to represent such dimensions of life. Although goldfish are extremely common house pets, to me, they mean something more profound. Their gold color is understood to symbolize good fortune or even wealth, and yet their small size and fragile fins represent delicacy and their need for constant, attentive care. By incorporating these characteristics into my artworks, I get the chance to explore similar qualities embedded in the human character: materialistic and worldly desires, delicacy and fragility, or innocence and responsibility. I hope using the goldfish will help people to better visualize such important ideas and walk away with newfound inspiration.

In illustrating my pieces, I mainly tend to use acrylic. It allows me to apply opaque layers that intensify the rich colors of my subjects such as the goldfish. However, I am undeniably fascinated by other media including clay, oil paint, and watercolor.

I hope to continue making art and encouraging others about my understanding of life.

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